MMK–   SMB/3

Two large scale Super Mario Maker posters released in commemoration of Super Mario Maker 2’s completion and Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary.

MMK-SMB/3 deconstructs and rebuilds a Mario Maker spritesheet of characters, enemies, and environmental elements.

The posters’ layout mimics Mario Maker’s creation tools: the objects are placed in the same locations on both posters, but the individual sprites change depending on the chosen ‘game style’ (Super Mario Bros. (MMK-SMB) or Super Mario Bros. 3 (MMK-SMB3)).

  • 24in × 36in
  • Edition of 32
  • 1-color screenprint (Pantone 287U) by Vahalla Studios
  • G.F Colorplan Bright Red 270gsm paper
  • Typeset in Chromatica Medium by Polytype
  • Hand numbered
  • Printed in USA
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